The history of Thokaiyadiyaar (Group of devotees)

Apart from praising the 62 great devotees Sundaramurthi Nayanar for enslaving whom the Lord came Himself in human form to hear his words of excellent love, praises nine kinds of devotees who are not individuals but could be any devotee who in general serve the Lord in those categories. These devotees are called Thokai Adiyar. It refers to devotees who lived / live before, during and after the saint composed this work. It is really praisable that this great devotee who out of his real humbleness to the slaves of the Moon crowned Lord gave this great Thiruththondath Thokai, refered in his adoration devotees who lived in the past and the present also who live with the characteristics of the devotees in the future completeing the list.

Thokai Adiyar :

  1. Thillaivaazh Andhanar
  2. Poyyadimai Illaadha Pulavar
  3. Pattharaai Panivaar
  4. Paramanaiye Paaduvaar
  5. Chitthatthai Sivanpaale Vaitthaar
  6. Thiruvarur Pirandhaar
  7. Muppodhum Thirumeni Theenduvaar
  8. Muzhuneeru Poosiya Munivar
  9. Appaalum Adichaarndhaar

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