ChundharamUrthi nAyanAr - part VI
(paravai kAdhalar)

At the advent of spring, with the breeze from the south bringing the mind stealing reminiscence of the Lord of thiruvArUr, chu^ndharar developed a great desire to salute the Lord who dances beautifully in the paths of the devotees in thiruvArUr at the time of the spring festival. He sang thinking and immersing himself in the Lord of thiruvArUr, "How long could I stay forgetting my Lord of ArUr who is the life stream in me ?" Saluting the Lord of sacrifices at thiruvoRRiyUr, he left for thiruvArUr. As he disobeyed the promise he had made in presence of the Lord to chaN^giliyAr, he lost his eye-sight and struggled to find the directions. He pleaded to the Lord for Mercy feeling sad for faulting with the trust of chaN^giliyAr and continued in the undiminishing devotion for worshiping the Lord of thiruvArUr. He worshiped the Lord for Grace at thirumullaivAyil. The great loving devotee saluted the Lord at veNpAkkam where the Lord gave him a staff for support and said, "Am there, Go!" He bowed down to the Lord at pazaiyanUr - thiruvAlaN^gAdu, thiruvURal and reached in kAnychi.

Saluting the thirukkAmakkOttam, he entered with the help of the devotees at thiruEkambam fell down and saluted the Supreme and prayed to Him for granting him eye-sight to see His Beauty that is beyond comparison. The Lord Who melted for the love of shakthi appreciating his bhakthi gave him the sight of the left eye. The pleased devotee rejoiced in seeing the Nectar of thiruEkambam and sang It. He paid his obeisance to the Lord at thiruAmAththUr and crossed the border of the thoNdai state. He praised the Support of the devotees at thiruaraththuRai, thiruvAvaduthuRai and came to thiruththuruththi where by His blessing n^ambi got rid of the sickness. Singing the Lord in many abodes throughout the way he reached in the Lord's town thiruvArUr where his mind dwelled in euphony. Saluting the abodes of the Lord in the holy town vanRoNdar reached in reverence at the floral abode of the Lord. Amidst the weep and lament he sang his only hold, the only One whom he approached for his needs, love or devotion, that One Lord shiva starting mILAadimai saying to the Lord, "Oh Lord! We have given us as unbreakably bonded slaves to Thee ! Still if you do not act when we slaves are in distress, Oh Lord what could we do !" The Perennial Mercy gave the sincere devotee the sight of the right eye also. n^AyanAr was very impressed and thankful to the Eternal Truth that blesses without fail Its devotees, bowed down many times in devotion.

ParavaiyAr had come to know about ArUrar's wedding with chaN^giliyAr. She was quite irked. The people who accompanied chun^dharar through his pilgrimage were denied entry at the house when they returned with chun^dharar to thiruvArUr. They conveyed it to chun^dharar. He sent the wise people of the town to cool her ire, but they were sent back by paravaiyAr. Anxious n^ambiyArurar could not get sleep, he prayed to the God again to solve his problem saving him. The Lord walking on the Feet praised by the spiritual science came to the place of n^AyanAr in that late night. n^AyanAr privileged and thrilled by His presence saluted Him. He requested the Lord to solve the problem between him and paravaiyAr. The Lord whose holy Feet were not seen by the exploring braHma and vishNu went to the home of paravaiyAr walking through the streets of thiruvArUr accompanied by the bhUtha gana, sidhdhas and dEvas. What all the Supreme that transcends the limits of knowledge does just for the true love that the devotees keep on It ! The Lord went as an old devotee to paravaiyAr's house. Saluting and surprised by the visit of a devotee late in the night, she greeted Him. The Lord conveyed His purpose of visit, asking her to reconcile with chun^dharar. paravaiyAr declined to accept. The Lord wanting to play a game returned back with her refusal message.

ArUrar who was tensed about what the Lord would get as reply, saw the Lord coming with a smile. Taking it as a sign of positive reply he asked what she had said. The message Lord gave was quite disappointing for ArUrar. He begged to the Lord to settle the dust for bringing back their life together again. The Lord went again to paravaiyAr's house, this time revealing Himself and asked her to accept chun^dharar. She realized that even the previous time it was the Lord who had come as the envoy. She with the folded hands replied Him that if the Lord could come as an envoy how could she refute ! The Lord blessed her devotion and conveyed chun^dharar the message he was looking for. He was quite pleased and thanking the Lord. It was dawn by then. ArUrar left for the house of paravaiyAr with the loving people accompanying him with the presents. paravaiyAr received him in with the heart brimming with love. They lived in the town thiruvArUr praising the Peerless Grace of the Lord out of which He came as an envoy.

EyarkOn kalikkAma n^AyanAr(1) another great loving devotee of the Lord was appalled at the deed of chun^dharar to send the Supreme to whom the entire Universe serve as slaves, as an envoy to cool down a lady. Immersed in the ocean of love for the Graceful Almighty, he wondered, "What a kind of slave is he who commands the Master to go representing him to a lady !" With his thoughts erupting he lamented to the Lord. The Ultimate Love which knew the real affection and slavery of chun^dharar towards Him and His devotees wanted to make him a good companion of this devotee kalikkAmar. For that sake He made kalikkAmar suffer from chUlai(a terrific stomach pain) and told that it could be cured only by vanRoNdar. The Lord commanded vanRoNdar to cure his illness. chun^dharar perumAn taking the Lord's order on his head rushed to EyarkOn's place. EyarkOn was tortured more by the coming of chun^dharar to cure his illness apart from he chUlai itself, the deed of whom he hated a lot. He unwilling to get cured by him killed himself with the sword. chun^dharar arrived at his place by then. EyarkOn's wife who was a marvelous devotee too hid his body and sorrow and welcomed chun^dharar as if nothing happened. But chun^dharar quite shocked when he came to know what had happened, took the stagger to pierce himself too. Then by the Grace of the Lord who is sung by the groups of devotees in symphony, EyarkOn got up live and held strong the hands of chun^dharar stopping him. vanRoNdar saluted him and he saluted back in love. The two gems of devotion became very good friends and saluted the Lord at thiruppunkUr, thiruvArUr.

chundharamUrthi nAyanAr - part VII (chEramAn thOzar)

thuLivaLar kaNNIr vArath thozudhuviN Nappany cheyvAr ,
     oLivaLar cheyya pAdham varun^dhaOr iravu mARAdhu ,
     aLivarum anbark kAga aN^godiN^ guzalvI rAgi ,
     eLivaru vIrumAnAl encheykEn ichaiyAdhu enRAr

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சேக்கிழார் எடுத்துத் தந்த சுந்தரர் திருப்பதிகங்கள்
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