thirunAvukkarachu nAyanAr - part V
(Seeing the unseen marvel)

After worshiping thirumaRaikkAdu appar perumAn wanted to worship the Lord of thiruvIzimizalai again. He went there saluting the shrine in n^AgappattiNam . From thiruvIzimizalai he went to thiruvAvadu thuRai sang the grace of God and proceeded to pazaiyARai . There the Jains obscured the very old abode of the Lord and claimed the place to be theirs. The humble but cannot be humbled, the courteous but not coward, fighting for the justice but not adopting violence as the default way, the soft but determined sage sat in fast next to the shrine saying he would not leave till he gets to worship the Omnipresent Almighty taken abode there. The caring Lord appeared in the dream of the king and instructed him the location where the Jains have hid the abode. Awakened in surprise the king rushed with his courtmen to the site following the marks told by the Lord and removed all the barricades raised by the Jains saluting the sage. The king made a nice altar with tower. Then the victorious valiant sage worshiped the God who can not be obscured the transience.

He traveled on the banks of the river kAvEri worshiping the Lord in the abodes on both the banks. He saluted thiruvAnaikkA, thiruveRumbiyUr, thiruchchirAppaLLi, kaRkudi, thirupparAyththuRai and other abodes doing his great service with the hand plow and proceeded towards thiruppainynyIli . The journey was tiring making him thirsty, hungry and fatiguous - the three major recurring physical deficiencies to quench which the human strives hard. The sage holding the feet of the Absolute with non falling spirit went ahead on his way of determination to thiruppainynyIli. Can the Mercy on the mountains which responded even to the cry of the piglets, bear the trouble Its truthful slave was undergoing ? It appeared in the form of an ash smeared chanter of vEdas on his way with food waiting for the devotee to arrive. He told him to have the food He has, drink the chill water from the pond nearby and come out of fatigue. appar ate the food the Lord who gave the nectar to the dEvas gave and felt quite pleasant. The Lord in some other form asked him where he was going to. To the saint who said he was going to thiruppainynIli He - the company of whom the great sages desire to cross the ocean of disturbances said He too is going there and accompanied him. As they reached thiruppainynIli the Lord disappeared. The sage stricken with wonder and admiration fell on the feet of the Lord of thiruppainynyIli to praise the immense grace He showed for him.

He traveled towards north to reach thiruvaNNAmalai to rejoice in the worship of the Lord making even the life better than liberation itself ! He proceeded to the pallava kingdom then. He first prostrated to the Lord of thiruvOththUr . As he was coming towards the city kAnychi , the entire city ornated itself to receive the sage who traversed the ulterior disturbances victoriously with the grace of the yOganatha . Saluting the ocean of saluting devotees he went to worship the Lord who dissolved in the devotion of the mother of the Universe at thirukkachchi Ekampam and poured the holy water of his tears of love. Worshiping often at the place where an immense love was shown to the world Ekampam he worshiped the Lord in thiruk kachchi mayAnam, thiruk kachchi mERRaLi, thirumARpERu and many other abodes in kanychi a city famous for its innumerous shrines. He continued to north to serve in the abodes thirukkazukunRam, thiruvAnmiyUr, mayilAppUr to salute and stay at thiruvoRRIyUr for some time. He further worshiped the shrines thiruppAchUr, thiru AlaN^kAdu, thiruk kArikarai . He went ahead to salute the golden haired Lord's abode thirukkALaththi where He showed the greatness of simple love of the hunter devotee kaNNappa n^AyanAr (1).

Yearning to see the beautiful and holy most abode of the Lord kailAsham he continued his journey towards north. He worshiped the thirupparuppadham (shri shailam) , traveled then in karnataka, maharashtra, madhya pradhesh and arrived finally in vAraNAsi . He saluted the Lord having ga.nga in His matted hair taken abode on the banks of ga.nga in vAraNAsi with whole hearted devotion. Leaving back the other pilgrims there he continued his pilgrimage to mount kailAsh. He proceeded to the Himalayan forests where even dEvas would be afraid to go alone. In those days when there was no proper means of transport for traveling such a long distance - thousands of kilometers - can be considered to be an achievement. He traveled in the rough and tough surfaces of the mountains without anybody's help without any vehicle to carry him. All he had was only two things. One was devotion and the other was determination. Those two for him were not in small amounts but were as giant as the mountain he was climbing. Walking day and night his lotus like feet were worn out, but his eagerness to worship the Lord with His consort on the mount was not. With his hands he leapt forward to continue his journey. With the wrists broken after some time he with an undiminishing love he crept forward with his body. The bones in chest broken, with the flesh coming out, he was not able to do that even. Even at that situation his determination was not reduced even by the size of a bead. He rolled ahead in his journey towards Him. The entire body was torn and was not able to roll even. Still he tried to push his body forward and move. Immense is his determination ! If one says it as strong as a rock it may exaggerate the strength of the rock.

Blessing the world to have some more of the honey like hymns of appar the Lord came in the form of a sage and asked appar why he was toiling like that. When appar told that he wanted to worship the Lord on kailAsh He told it is not so easy a task and asked him to return back. But appar perumAn was firm that he would not return without seeing the Lord at kailAsham. The Strength of the devotees looking at the strong dedication of the devotee disappeared in the horizon and raised the voice, "Oh great king of words! Raise ! Have a dip in this pond and see us in the form we are at kailAsham raising from the pond in thiruvaiyARu .". With all the wounds vanished he rose with a luminant body to salute the Almighty with the grace of that Grace. With the hands folded on the head keeping the order of the Lord on his head he entered the pond. To the surprise of the entire world, by the grace that can not be measured by anybody he appeared in one of the ponds in thiruvaiyARu . He saw everything in thiruvaiyARu reflecting the principle of shiva and shakthi. He came praising them in front of the shrine of the Lord in thiruvaiyARu. The temple appeared as the mount kailAsh with the praise of vishNu, brahma, indra and other dEvas, and the sets of different people like devAs, daemons, sages, ga.ndharvas present, the dancing women of Heaven like ramba, Urvasi performing, all the rivers including ga.nga worshiping, the great servant n^aN^dhi dEvar guarding the abode, saw on the mount of silver with the creeper of emerald, the shining beautiful ruby hill like on the Holy Bull with the Goddess of the mountain the Generous Great God. Saluted Him, sang unable to find words, danced in ecstasy, with the hair standing throughout the body he cried. Who can tell the state of that highly dedicated sage when he saw the Lord! He got the reward for his determination. He was in that bliss for quite a long time. Then the Lord changed the scene to make everything look normal in their usual way. Consoling himself that it was God's grace appar sang the scene unseen by others in beautiful hymn "mAdhar piRaik kaNNIyAnai" . He explains admirably the unparalleled kailAsha scene he saw. He stayed in thiruvaiyARu serving, saluting and singing the Lord different kinds of songs thiruththANdakam, thirukkuRun^thokai, thirun^Erichai, thiruviruththam .

thirunAvukkarachu nAyanAr - part VI (Oh Lord! Coming to your graceful feet)

veLLi veRpinmEl maragathak kodiyudan viLaN^gum ,
     theLLu pEroLip pavaLaveR pena_idap pAkam ,
     koLLu mAmalaiyALudan kUdavIR Rirun^dha ,
     vaLLa lAraimun kaNdanar vAkkinman navanAr

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சேக்கிழார் எடுத்துத் தந்த திருநாவுக்கரசர் திருப்பதிகங்கள்
திருநாவுக்கரசர் திருநாமங்கள்
திருமுறைகளில் திருநாவுக்கரசர்
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