Lord Siva temples of Ramanathapuram District (Tamilnadu )

இராமநாதபுரம் மாவட்டத் திருக்கோயில்களின் புகைப்படங்கள்
The photes of Lord shiva temples of Ramanathapuram District

The holy pond (Sivaganga Theertham) of Oriyur Siva temple.
The holy pond (Sivaganga Theertham) of Oriyur Siva temple.
Uttarakosamangai Mangaleswarar Temple
uththarakOshamangai Mangaleshwarar Temple, Ramanathapuram dt.
thilakEswarar temple Devipattinam
ThilakEswarar Temple, Devipattinam, Ramanathapuram dt.
MandhiranAthar Thiruppalakkudi temple
MandiranAthar temple, tiruppAlakkudi, Ramanathapuram dt.
manthiranAthar temple with pond
mantiranAthar temple with pond, thiruppAlakkudi, Ramanathapuram dt.
Chandrashekararswamy temple Paramakkudi
ChandrasEkararswAmi temple, paramakkudi, Ramanathapuram dt.
Paramakkudi Chandrashegarar temple temple
chandrasEkaraswAmy temple vimAnam, paramakkudi, Ramanathapuram dt.
peruvayalnathar temple Peruvayal
peruvayalnAthar temple, peruvayal, Ramanathapuram dt.
chokkanAthar temple Ramnad
chokkanAthar temple, rAmanAthapuram, Ramanathapuram dt.
chokkanAthar temple Ramanad
SokkanAthar temple, rAmanAthapuram, Ramanathapuram dt.
chidambarEshwarar temple Thondi
chidambarEswarar temple, thoNDi, Ramanathapuram dt.
vanmeekanAthar temple sthala vruksham and vimAnam
vanmIganAthar temple sthala vruksham, thiruvetRiyUr, Ramanathapuram dt.
vanmeeganAthar temple with vAsuki theertham
vanmeekanAthar temple with vAsuki thIrtham, TiruvetRiyUr, Ramanathapuram dt.

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