Pudukkottai District - Pictures of Lord sivan temples

புதுக்கோட்டை மாவட்ட சிவன் கோயில்கள் - Lord Siva temples of Pudukkottai

Shiva temple, Alathur
Shiva temple, Alathur
Shiva temple, Alathur
Shiva temple, Alathur
Siva temple, Annavasal
Siva temple, Annavasal
Siva temple, Annavasal
Siva temple, Annavasal
Ishvara temple, Iluppur
Ishvara temple, Iluppur
Sri Agnishwarar temple, Kalamavur
Sri Agnishwarar temple, Kalamavur
Shiva temple, Kanniyapatti
Shiva temple, Kanniyapatti
Mahadevar temple, Kizhakurichi
Mahadevar temple, Kizhakurichi
Siva temple, Paramur
Siva temple, Paramur
Siva temple pond, Paramur
Siva temple pond, Paramur
Iswarar temple, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
Iswarar temple, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
Iswarar temple Nandis, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
Iswarar temple Nandis, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
Iswarar temple Vimanam, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
Iswarar temple Vimanam, Vellanchar-Rajapuram
viyagrapureeswarar temple, Vengaivasal, Pudukottai dt.
vyAkrapurISwarar temple, vEngkaivAsal
Lord Sivan temple, thiruvarangulam
Sivan temple, thiruvarankuLam
Avudaiyarkoyil pond, pudukottai dt
AthmanAthar temple AvudaiyArkOil, thirupperunthuRai
Avudaiyarkovil SthalavrukshAm guruntham, pudukkottai dt.
AdmanAthar temple AvudaiyArkOvil, thirupperunthuRai
pAkkudi Sivan temple, Pudukkottai dt
Lord Sivan temple, pAkkudi
Arimalam Sundareshvarar temple, pudukkottai
sundarESwarar temple, arimazham
Kottaivisvanathar temple
kOttaiviSwanAthar temple, aranthAngi
sivan temple
Shiva temple, kodumbAlUr
temple pond
kodumbAlUr siva temple pond
shiva temple
Eshwarar temple, kodumbAlUr
Eshwara temple
Ishwarar temple, kodumbAlUr.
Sathiyagireeswarar temple Thirumayam
saththiyagirIswarar temple, thirumeiyam
Vekupatti sivalOganAthar temple
sivalOganAthar temple, vEgupatti.
arandangi Kottaivishvanathar Temple
Kottaiviswanathar Temple, aRanthAngi
Avudayarkovil Athmanathar temple
Atmanathar temple AvuDaiyAr kOyil, thirupperunthuRai Temple, near Aranthangi, pudukkottai dt.
Avudayarkoil - Thirupperundthurai
AvuDaiyArkOil, thirupperundhuRai Temple, Aranthangi, pudukkottai dt.
chOzheeshwarar temple Aranthanki
chOzhIshwarar temple, Aranthangi, pudukkottai Dt.
Kottai viswanAthar temple Aranthangi
KottaiviswanAthar temple, kOttai, Aranthangi, pudukkottai Dt.
viswanAthar temple Kottai Aranthangi
vishwanAthar temple, kOttai, Aranthangi, pudukkottai Dt.
vishvanAthar temple Erichi
viswanAthar temple, erichchi, pudukkottai Dt.
Erichy viswanAthar temple bond
viswanAthar temple, erichi, pudukkottai Dt.
agneeswarar (pAlAlayam) temple
agnIswarar temple, kalamAvUr, pudukkottai Dt.
kuDumithEvar temple Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
kuDumiththEvar temple, kuDumiyAnmalai, pudukkottai Dt.
63 nAyanmAr carved sculpture in the rock, kutumiyAnmalai
63 nAyanmArs carved sculpture, kuDumiyAnmalai, pudukkottai Dt.
akasthIswarar temple Kulavaipatti
akathIswarar temple, kulavAyppatti, pudukkottai Dt.
Manamerkudi aruNAchalEswarar temple
aruNAchalEswarar temple, maNamElkudi, pudukkottai Dt.
jagatheeswarar temple manamelkudi
jegathIshwarar temple, maNamElkudi, pudukkottai Dt.
Meemisai - Meemisal, archunEswarar temple
archunEswarar temple, mImisal, pudukkottai Dt.
thEvanAthar temple Perumanadu
thEvanAthar temple, perumAnADu, pudukkottai Dt.
AdikailAsanAthar temple Avudaiyarkovil
AthikailAsanAthar temple, vaDakkUr, AvudaiyArkOil, pudukkottai Dt.
sahasralakshmIswarar temple Theeyathur
Sahasralakshmeeswarar temple, thIyaththUr, pudukkottai Dt.
viyAgarEswarar temple Vengaivasal
vyAkarEshwarar temple, vEngkaivAsal, pudukkottai Dt.
vEnkaivAsal temple sthala vruksham
vyAkarEswarar temple, vEngaivAsal, pudukkottai Dt.
AvuDaiyappar temple Mithilaippaatti
AvuDaiyappar temple, midhilaippatti.
Mithilaippatti Avutaiyappar temple
AvuDaiyappar kOyil mugappu, mithilaippatti.
AvuDaiyappar kOyil ganapathy maNDapam
AvuDaiyappar kOyil piLLaiyAr maNDapam, mithilaippatti.
chokkalingESwarar temple, Sevur
chokkalingESwarar temple, SevvUr
Sivan temple, thurvasapuram, pudhukottai district
Sivan temple, dhurvAsapuram
chokkanAthar temple Melaisevalpatti
chokkanAthar temple, mElaicevalpatti
chOzheeSwarar temple, Ponnamaravathi
chOzhIShwarar temple, ponnamarAvadhi
poologanAthar temple Ponpuduppatti
pUlOganAthar temple, ponputhuppatti.
yagnyESwarar - yagneshwarar - yagnaiyeswarar temple Poolangurichi
yaknyESwarar temple, pUlAngkuRichchi.
SivAn temple, Rangiyam, Pudukkottai dt
Eswarar temple, rAngkiyam
thAnthOnRIsar temple Singampuneri
thAnthOnRIsar temple, singampuNari - sivapuripatti
Thantonriswarar temple Sngkampunary - Shivapuripatti
thAnthOnRIsar temple - ambAl sannadhi, singampuNari - sivapuripatti.
Satyagireeswarar temple, Thirumayam
saththiyagirISwarar temple, thirumeiyam.

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