Pictures of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva images in this page are part of a huge collection of the pictures and temples of Lord shiva at Shiva image gallery. The image gallery has more than 5000 pictures related to Lord Shiva. Our Lord Shiva is the pleasing one to our eyes. See and rejoice the collection of forms and temples!

somaskandhar - Lord Shiva with murugan pArvathi God Siva shivalingam and nandi
God shiva, Goddess shakti, Lord ganesh, Lord muruga God shiva at linga Goddess shakati and Lord shiva - picture showing wrong colors
sivalinga and Lord siva Lord shiva behind sivalingam Meditating Lord shiva
shivalinga veera shaiva worship of sivalingam rameshwar
siva lingam mukhalingam lingam
gangAdharar Lord shankar and parvati Devas churning ocean and the Refuge in the background
Lord shiva pArvati and ganesha Picture of Lord ganesh worshiping shiva lingam shankarji
Lord shiva with five faces (two others not seen here) Hindu God shiva in the mountains ardhanArIshwar
Lord shiva drinking poison and becoming neelakanta Lord sarabesvarar Lord sri dakshiNAmUrti
God in posture of meditation image of Lord shiva Ardhanarishvara form of Siva (statue)
Bhikshatana - Naked Lord shiva seeking alms Dakshinamoorthy - blessing sanaka, sananthana, sanatana, sanatkumara Dakshinamurthy form of God Siva
Natraj - Dancing God shiva Dance God - Nataraj

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1. The images in this page are downloaded from elsewhere. The depiction of the God is not perfect in most of these pictures (for example color shown as blue for Lord shiva. Please refer to the Thoughts article What is the color in which Lord shiva to be depicted).

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